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Can Divorced People Remarry?

January 13, 2015

Continuing with the theme of marriage, here’s an excellent post by Paul Ellis on Divorce and Remarriage. As you read, let me encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. Maybe you’ve been through divorce or maybe you’ve seen others go through it and stood in judgment against them. It’s time for healing in all areas of His body. May the church be true representatives of His mercy and grace.

Escape to Reality

broken_heart_by_starry_eyedkidHmm, that’s a tough one. Let me see. Can sinners be forgiven? Can runaways come home? Can crooks get a second chance? Can the broken be made whole?

No, it’s not a tough question. It’s an easy question. Of course divorced people can remarry! These questions are only tough because religion has told us that divorced people are unforgiveable sinners. They’re lepers who blight our perfect little churches. As long as they sit quietly and help with our programs, they are welcome. But the moment they start looking for love, they’ve crossed the line. They had their shot at love and they messed up.

What a graceless thing to say! I cannot imagine anything further from the heart of Christ than telling someone they cannot experience love, that they are bound by the mistakes of their past and they have no future.

The two Pharisees

There are two sour-faced Pharisees…

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