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Trouble in Paradise

April 24, 2012

How many times do we fail to seek God when things get tough?  My family is enduring a hard season right now.  My wife and I have both encouraged our daughter and son-in-law to seek God in the midst of their struggles.  Instead, they both continue to try to solve things on their own … each in their own way.  One is running hard in the opposite direction and the other grovels in misery with a Jesus-less hope that things will turn for the best.  So far, resolution is far away.  And I feel stuck in the middle.

I’ve done the first part that was necessary.  I confronted both and, in the midst of their problems, spoke very directly to the issues. I listened, presented the gospel, listened some more, encouraged, listened again, then trusted God.  Neither of them were receptive to the gospel as neither one see this issue as something with which He can help.  One is completely unbelieving and the other is coldly distant.

My heart hurts for them.  In great part, I feel I have a depth of understanding from my own sinful failures in my past.  I can see the roads being taken on both parts and have, at one time or another, been on both.  Speaking from experience, I tried to counsel both and have come up empty.  But I’m praying.  I’m praying and believing.  My heart will not concede an enemy’s victory.

I did instruct them each that more important than saving their marriage is the salvation of their soul.  But my heart still aches for them both.  I wish that they could see what is the outcome of both their spiritual and marital lives apart from the Lord.  They’ve both looked for contentment outside of His will and their journey will be fruitless until they are willing to bend their knee.  We cannot make decisions for others.  Apostle Paul said he wished that he could be accursed for his Jewish brothers salvation.  But that’s not what God wants.  God wants them to come for themselves.  And the same is true for my daughter and son-in-law.

This story is not over.  We’re in the middle of it.  The paradise they were agreeing to only five years ago has hit some turbulent waters.  But until it’s ended, it continues.  And so will my prayers.

— Pastor Rick

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