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February 9, 2012

When we pour our hearts into Him, it’s amazing how He loves to pour Himself back into us.  He delights in delighting us.  And that is why I get so excited to tell of His wonderful love, mercy and grace.

Sometimes it’s the little things.  Here are a few very MINOR, MINOR things that have happened in the last week:

  • My sister and brother-in-law are having a hard time and couldn’t afford to attend the Valentine’s Dinner with the church.  The cost was a little expensive this year.  I told my sister that I was going to pay for them.  She asked if I was sure.  “Yep!”  I had no clue where I was going to come up with the extra funds, but I just knew I was supposed to do that for them.  Later that same day a friend of mine called me and said, “I just remembered that you loaned me $75 last year.  I’m sorry I forgot to pay you.  I’ll have it to you just before Valentine’s Day.”  HA!  I love my Father!
  • My pastor’s wife was talking last night after church about wanting a salad (we were having a nacho sale to raise money for youth camp).  I mentioned that the best salads were from a particular restaurant that I really like.  My sister chimed in and said I was absolutely right.  The discussion got going and ramped up so much I was craving a salad from that place.  I got home and asked my wife what she wanted for dinner (she was still working).  She said, “Our daughter went and got me dinner.  I was so full after my pork chop that I couldn’t eat the salad.  I thought you might want it.”  Guess where the salad was from … that’s right!  I love my God!
  • I sent a text to my sister and told her of the salad blessing. She told me that on her way home from church she stopped to get some milk.  Again, they’re limited on funds.  She went in and bought it.  The store overcharged her.  She didn’t notice, but the clerk caught it before my sister could leave.  The store refunded her ALL her money and then gave her the milk for free.  God is awesome!

It’s easy to look at our lives and get so wrapped up in “us” that we can’t see Him.  I was thinking about that very thing yesterday on the way home from work and I realized (by His Spirit, of course) that all too often instead of looking to Him, we simply seek His hand.  God forgive us for that type of heart.  I don’t want to focus on the gift.  I want to focus on the Giver.  When we set our hearts on God, He’ll give us what we need when we need it and all for His glory.

— Pastor Rick

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